Superkiller -E

New synthetic pyrethroid insecticides 


● Cypermethrin is a new synthetic pyrethroid. Cypermethrin acts on the nervous system of insect. It appears that the compounds interact with nerve membranes, blocking ion channels, and so preventing normal conduction of the nervous impulse. The sensory nervous system is probably one of the first sites affected.

● The lipophilic property of the compound means that it penertrates quickly to the site of action in quick knockdown.

● Cypermethrin has various properties as the followings;
1. High level of activity at low concentrations.
2. Broad spectrum of ectoparasites which attack livestock.
3. Stable to ultra-violet light.
4. Low toxicity to warm-blooded animals.


Composition: Each L contains

  Cypermethrin ............. 200g

Indications: Powerful and quick acting ectoparasiticide, acting against mosquitos, flies, ticks, lice and other various kinds of insects (roach, mites and etc) in cattle, sheep, goats, swine, dogs and etc.

 ※ The product is also active in cases where other products of organophosphorous compounds have built up resistance.

Administration & Dosage: After adding Superkiller-E to fresh water and stir well, spray wall and ceiling with it (Do not store the diluted suspension).

 - House flies : 50mL per 10L of water.
 - Mosquitos : 25mL per 10L of water.
 - Ticks (Mites) : 15mL per 18L of water.
※ Dipping application for prevention : 37.5mL per 250L of water.

Package: Steel container of 1L, 4L and 180L